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Netley Abbey and Victoria Royal Park

When first viewing Netley Abbey you can see the granduir that was a 12th century, monotheastic, place of worship. This gigantic building consists of a very large cathederal sytle worship area, grounds for meditation, library, small chapel, and sleeping facilities for 15 monks, 30 laymen and servants.

This ruined building was built in 1239 but, as with many places of worship, destroyed by Henry VIII in 1539. Luckily he didn't do a great job on this one and it was complete enough to be turned into a place of residence. You could only image what it would have been like to live in such a massive building.

The windowless walls tower around you, decrepit and deteriorating, but still showing signs of a glorious age long past. Walking through the eerie building you can't help but think there is someone watching, eyes of ages past. Even though there is no roof, no glass in the windows, no furiture and no orniments, you can still see how luxurious this Cistercian Order place of worsh…