Tears, tantrums and triumph!

Today was one of those days in life that really threatened to bring me down!
Matt and I set off with a group of hikers to head up Mt Warning today.  Having never done this track before we had no idea what really lay ahead.  The sign at the beginning warned that there were many steps and steep inclines .... but nothing could have prepared me mentally for what this really meant.

The Wollumbin National Park, at Mt Warning, Summit track is NOT for the light hearted!  6 months ago there is NO WAY I could have made it up the 4.5km track (9km return) ... well, not in the 2:15 hours we did it in.  The track is listed as a 'difficult' climb, with many (many, many) steps, followed by a steep rock face (with a chain to assist the climb).

By 2km I knew I had bitten off more than I really wanted to chew.... but refused to give in to the voices in my head.  I may have chewed poor Matt out for his attempts to support me mentally.  Definitely not in the right headspace for this today - but so…

On top of the world

What a spectacular way to spend a day!  This past weekend we set out with a group, organised by Matt's awesome PT Gavin, to hike our way up the Mt Cordeaux track, on the northern side of Cunningham's Gap and part of the Main Range National Park.  To download the official PDF brochure of the area click here.

To get there we took the Ipswich motorway and then the Cunningham Highway, towards Cunningham's Gap.  Parking is available in a designated car park, along with spaces on the shoulder adjacent the car park.  This is a really popular location for hikers but parking still seemed readily available, even on this long weekend.
All I can say is Wow!  What a feat!!!  This walk is definitely not for the faint hearted or the beginner. It's a Class 4 track.  Most of the way is uphill so get those legs ready for some real climbing.  Moderate fitness is recommended, along with good shoes and ankle support (so glad I invested in a good pair of hiking boots last week).  Had Matt …

Dog friendly hiking

Having a fur child in the family can make adventures limited at times.  We love to get out and about but are often then faced with the guilt of leaving our beloved fur child behind.  Today we decided to head out to somewhere pet friendly .... and scratch that itch for a hike with the whole family.
Our venue today:  Moggill Conservation Park.  This conservation park can be found 22km west of central Brisbane, on Chalcot Rd (off Mt Crosby Rd) in Anstead.  Parking is available in a designated parking lot.  Popular activities at the conservation park include walking (our chosen activity for the day), horse riding and bike riding.  We even saw a rather keen bunch of 4x4 drivers taking to the track at one stage.  Sturdy shoes are advised and dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash.  Perfect for us!

"This 491 hectare park forms part of the D'Aguilar Range, a bushland corridor that extends north to Woodford, providing valuable habitat for wildlife and a place for people to re…

Crank it!

This weekend we took on an adventure of a new kind as a family.  With the desire for more 'adventurous' outings we joined a group of gym buddies and headed to Crank Indoor Climbing at Mt Gravatt.  Crank Indoor Climbing can be found near Garden City, at 2/537 Kessels Rd, MacGregor.  Parking is readily accessible at the adjacent parking facility.

We had so much fun at this venue!  The climbing walls available are graded from beginner to advanced, and are all well labelled so that you know which grade your chosen wall is.  The pegs are also colour coded, making life much easier.

The boys were AMAZING!  They worked together, even helping their cousin Amara (who joined us for the day).  Together they scaled walls, belayed for each other and encouraged everyone involved in our day out.  Much to my surprise, I even managed to scale several walls - there's a first for everything.  I absolutely LOVED it!!!  Proof that you are never too old to get fit and give new experiences a go.

Wandering the Wetlands

After our recent mis-adventure in the Redlands Shire, where we narrowly missed a hefty fine for taking our beloved fur child for a walk during the wrong hours, we decided to visit somewhere a little more "Dog Friendly".  Having ridden today's trail on his bike some time ago, Matt knew that we were off to somewhere our little girl could wander happily, without the risk of getting into strife.  The location:  the very lovely Boondal Wetlands walk.

It's hard to believe that, only a short distance from the busy Brisbane traffic, this idyllic walk waits.  The sounds of the city are completely blocked out by the dense growth that surrounds the Wetlands.
Mother Nature turned on quite a spectacular show today, with the sun shining gloriously.  It was so warm, in fact, that we decided to walk only a little over 1km of the 8.4km Bikeway Walk at Boondal.
I'm so happy that I decided to take my camera with me today.  So many beautiful macro shots were waiting for me.  If you…

Daisy Hill Treasures

Are you looking for somewhere in Logan City to do a decent sized walk, hike or mountain bike trail? Who would have thought that, hidden amongst the Daisy Hill Koala Centre you would find such a place?  Our family has been to the Koala Sanctuary/Park many times over the years and never knew it existed until our search for 'Dog-friendly' walks revealed it.

Matt recently purchased a book called "Brisbane's Best Bush, Bay & City Walks" (ISBN: 978-921874-87-1) in hope of finding more weekend adventures for us and our fur baby.  This book tells you what to expect from each walk listed, including whether or not it is pet friendly.  A definite must for those who like to get out and about with their furry friends.

Just a short walk through the Daisy Hill Conservation Park, located behind the Koala Centre in Logan City's Daisy Hill area, you will find several walk options.  Today, with Matt's brother Daniel and two of his boys by our side, we set off in search …

See you next time Kawana

We woke to a cooler day today.  Good timing.

Once packed we decided to wait out time, until checkout, on the balcony…. where we saw more WHALES!  This time I had my zoom lens handy so managed to grab a quick snap of what looked like a mother and calf.   So cool!

We're now settled back at home, totally refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of the school break together.  This is the first time the four of us have been together like this most of this year and it's so refreshing.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!