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Tears, tantrums and triumph!

Today was one of those days in life that really threatened to bring me down!
Matt and I set off with a group of hikers to head up Mt Warning today.  Having never done this track before we had no idea what really lay ahead.  The sign at the beginning warned that there were many steps and steep inclines .... but nothing could have prepared me mentally for what this really meant.

The Wollumbin National Park, at Mt Warning, Summit track is NOT for the light hearted!  6 months ago there is NO WAY I could have made it up the 4.5km track (9km return) ... well, not in the 2:15 hours we did it in.  The track is listed as a 'difficult' climb, with many (many, many) steps, followed by a steep rock face (with a chain to assist the climb).

By 2km I knew I had bitten off more than I really wanted to chew.... but refused to give in to the voices in my head.  I may have chewed poor Matt out for his attempts to support me mentally.  Definitely not in the right headspace for this today - but so…