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On top of the world

What a spectacular way to spend a day!  This past weekend we set out with a group, organised by Matt's awesome PT Gavin, to hike our way up the Mt Cordeaux track, on the northern side of Cunningham's Gap and part of the Main Range National Park.  To download the official PDF brochure of the area click here.

To get there we took the Ipswich motorway and then the Cunningham Highway, towards Cunningham's Gap.  Parking is available in a designated car park, along with spaces on the shoulder adjacent the car park.  This is a really popular location for hikers but parking still seemed readily available, even on this long weekend.
All I can say is Wow!  What a feat!!!  This walk is definitely not for the faint hearted or the beginner. It's a Class 4 track.  Most of the way is uphill so get those legs ready for some real climbing.  Moderate fitness is recommended, along with good shoes and ankle support (so glad I invested in a good pair of hiking boots last week).  Had Matt …