On top of the world

What a spectacular way to spend a day!  This past weekend we set out with a group, organised by Matt's awesome PT Gavin, to hike our way up the Mt Cordeaux track, on the northern side of Cunningham's Gap and part of the Main Range National Park.  To download the official PDF brochure of the area click here.

To get there we took the Ipswich motorway and then the Cunningham Highway, towards Cunningham's Gap.  Parking is available in a designated car park, along with spaces on the shoulder adjacent the car park.  This is a really popular location for hikers but parking still seemed readily available, even on this long weekend.

All I can say is Wow!  What a feat!!!  This walk is definitely not for the faint hearted or the beginner. It's a Class 4 track.  Most of the way is uphill so get those legs ready for some real climbing.  Moderate fitness is recommended, along with good shoes and ankle support (so glad I invested in a good pair of hiking boots last week).  Had Matt and I realised it was 12.4km return we may have shied away from the adventure …. but we are both so grateful that we didn't.  Typical of us, we planned for a day but packed for a night, with enough food and water to keep us going easily.  Our hydro packs were so handy.  We've had our hydro water packs for several years but this is the first time I've actually remembered to use mine.  It will certainly be getting more use in the future.

The Mt Cordeaux track is clearly marked so there was no need to have a map with you.   We pushed our way up through rainforest and grass tree country to several look outs, finally deciding to go the extra 680m to Bare Rock, where we all posed for a group photo and enjoyed lunch with AMAZING views.  "On top of the world" seems like the perfect phrase to describe the feeling of reaching this peak.  The walk down was so much quicker than the climb up, taking us around an hour to reach the car park.  I think the walk up took us around 2.5 hours.  Not completely sure as I forgot to set my walking app before heading off.  It's recommended that you allow 4.5 hours for your return trip. 

Matt and I will definitely be returning to this track in the near future, especially now that we know I can make it.  Awesome training for the challenge of Mt Barney later this year (my promise to myself and Matt).  He assures me that, after this hike, I can definitely cope with Barney.  Here's hoping he's right.  I'm actually excited to be training for that now.

Next time we do Mt Cordeaux we will take it at a slower pace though, taking time to capture some beautiful landscape photography as we go along.  For now we will have to be content with our Mobile Phone pics.  Being part of a group was so much fun but it was a lot faster than Matt and I would normally do on our own.  Normally he and I would take a little longer to enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife, but it was so great to challenge ourselves this way for the day.  It will probably take us both 3 hours to get up next time …. but still only 1 to get back.  Maybe we can even convince the boys to join us if their timetables allow…. the joys of them growing up.

Matt and I are both so very grateful to Gavin for arranging this venture.  It was a real wake up call to how far we have both come in our fitness journeys….. and such a great way to spend a day in the outdoors.  Totally worth every step (and aching legs for two days after) to get to the top and see these views.  Wow!!!  Totally thankful for the entire experience and great company!


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