Dog friendly hiking

Having a fur child in the family can make adventures limited at times.  We love to get out and about but are often then faced with the guilt of leaving our beloved fur child behind.  Today we decided to head out to somewhere pet friendly .... and scratch that itch for a hike with the whole family.
Our venue today:  Moggill Conservation Park.  This conservation park can be found 22km west of central Brisbane, on Chalcot Rd (off Mt Crosby Rd) in Anstead.  Parking is available in a designated parking lot.  Popular activities at the conservation park include walking (our chosen activity for the day), horse riding and bike riding.  We even saw a rather keen bunch of 4x4 drivers taking to the track at one stage.  Sturdy shoes are advised and dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash.  Perfect for us!

"This 491 hectare park forms part of the D'Aguilar Range, a bushland corridor that extends north to Woodford, providing valuable habitat for wildlife and a place for people to recreate in nature" (quote from welcome poster)

Our fur baby loved her walk in the great outdoors.  We travelled the Devil's Break Loop at the park, around 5km return loop.  This walk has many steep climbs so is probably not for beginners, and there can be some movement in the rocks as you head up hill.  All worth it though.  The view at the top made the climb well worth the effort.  In summer this would likely be quite a hot walk, with limited shelter from the sun ... but, in autumn, it was perfect!

We took our time with the hike and took in all the views... a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.  As our boys grow up these days become less and less recurrent to it's always lovely to get back to our old ways (of hiking and exploring) as we make more memories to treasure.


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