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Wandering the Wetlands

After our recent mis-adventure in the Redlands Shire, where we narrowly missed a hefty fine for taking our beloved fur child for a walk during the wrong hours, we decided to visit somewhere a little more "Dog Friendly".  Having ridden today's trail on his bike some time ago, Matt knew that we were off to somewhere our little girl could wander happily, without the risk of getting into strife.  The location:  the very lovely Boondal Wetlands walk.

It's hard to believe that, only a short distance from the busy Brisbane traffic, this idyllic walk waits.  The sounds of the city are completely blocked out by the dense growth that surrounds the Wetlands.
Mother Nature turned on quite a spectacular show today, with the sun shining gloriously.  It was so warm, in fact, that we decided to walk only a little over 1km of the 8.4km Bikeway Walk at Boondal.
I'm so happy that I decided to take my camera with me today.  So many beautiful macro shots were waiting for me.  If you…