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John O’Groats Island Cruise

After a nice slow start to the morning we discovered that there is a fresh meat wagon that visits the camp ground we are staying in on a Thursday morning….mmmm. After a quick stock up we enjoyed bacon and eggs (free range from the park kiosk) for a late breakfast. What a way to start the day! We followed breakfast with a shower, before packing the car up for our afternoon’s schedule. Today’s adventure would take us on board the ‘Pentland Venture’, a Wildlife Cruise ferry that leaves from John O’Groats, Caithness at 2:30pm every day between 20 June to 31 August (weather permitting). We paid £37.50 for a family ticket and Mum paid £15 for an adult ticket to board the 90 minute cruise. We then used up our time, while we waited for boarding, buying coffees, hot chocolates, 2 Celtic CD’s and a book about the Johnstone Clan name history.

Just before 2:30pm we all boarded the ‘Pentland Venture’, ready for our adventure upon the beautiful Scottish Seas. The weather was idyllic. Rain ha…

Beach Combers

“Quick, get in the car!” was the sound we heard from Matt as he broke the silence whilst Ros, the boys and Kerry relaxed in the caravan this morning. He had gone out for a drive around to see what is in the local area and had found a colony of grey seals basking in the sun only a 5 minute drive away from camp.

We quickly gathered the camera bags, leaving everything else where it was and locked the caravan before jumping in the car in hope of seeing the seals before they moved on somewhere else.

Wow! He wasn’t kidding. After driving down a little goat track that leads to an old boat ramp we discovered what all the commotion had been about. Wow! There were loads of them. Young and old grey seals surrounded the area in which we now found ourselves. There was one group right at the end of the concrete boat ramp, ready to roll back into the water at the first sign of danger. The boys went for a walk around the nearby rocks, where there were more seals enjoying the sunshine, leaving K…

In Search of Nessie

This morning we woke up to the rain we went to sleep with... only to discover that it is leaking into the walls of the caravan. Really hope this van makes the rest of the trip. The boys are enjoying sleeping out in the annexe. They have a lot more room to stretch while they sleep. Stormy is still not very well today. She has an even bigger head tilt and is very vague. Not good!
Luckily the rain decided to take a hike for the rest of the day, leaving behind it the most magical mist we have ever seen, so we headed out in search of the beautiful Loch Ness. The navigator told us it would be a 2 hour drive to get all the way around the loch. Fantastic! We took a packed lunch and headed out just as the mists started to rise around the mountains. What a sight!
As it turned out the trip around would take us all day. So many things to see!
We stopped for many a scenic shot of the mist over the mountains and the loch as we headed closer and closer to the famous Castle Urquhart, which wa…