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Science and History!

Today we set off in the car nice and early and headed for one of our favourite cities in the world: LONDON!

On the agenda today: The Science Museum and The Natural History Museum.
Once again we drove as far as Richmond train station and bought our 1 day travel cards (these give us unlimited bus, train and underground usage for the entire day).
Both of these venues are completely FREE to visit. Amazing! We started with the Science Museum. For hours we wandered around the many floors stocked with scientific history. We saw everything from ancient technology to modern technology. There wasn't as much hands-on exploring as we had hoped but it was still a very interesting visit.
We have become quite proficient at the whole 'day travel card' now. To the point where, instead of walking 10 minutes up the road to the nearest McDonalds for lunch, we lazily jumped on a bus and took it instead. Mind you, we had already been walking around all morning. Lazy, though! Yes, we …

O Solo Meo ... we meet again!

This week marks 15 years of marriage for Matt & I.  As scouts fell on the same night we were unable to celebrate properly so we planned a joint Anniversary/Birthday dinner at our local Italian Restaurant for tonight instead.

D has been eager to take his girlfriend Lauren out to dinner.  They have been a couple since not long after we arrived in the UK back in 2009.  We decided this would work well in with our Italian night out.  They were both so nervous... and so cute!  Lauren had never been out with a friend before and was so anxious at first.  D is very sad at the thought of leaving her behind when we return home next year.

We enjoyed some lovely Italian pasta and the kids even had dessert.  The atmostphere at O'Solo Meo is simply divine.  We took Z here a few months ago (while D was away at his school residential visit) to celebrate his good grades.  It is like being back in Rome.  The decor, the low lighting and the Italian speaking host all adds to the amazing atmosphe…