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Looking for a good coffee in Brisbane?

Wow!  We have been really slack with the travel blog lately.  It occurred to us that we are simply not getting out as much as we once did.  Time to change that right now …. and give this blog a much needed bit of love.
Those of you who have followed us since we took off on our adventures across the sea to the UK would know that Matt and I are absolute lovers of COFFEE.  Well, that's not quite right.  We are lovers of GOOD COFFEE.  Who isn't, right?  Many of us go ga-ga over a great cup of coffee or tea …. or both.  Or, for those who love something sweeter there is always great hot chocolate to be found.
Now, if you have ever found yourself in the UK you would quite likely have ended up stumbling across Costa.  Oh my, the memories!  Costa Coffee is pure heaven in a mug.  If you haven't tried this amazing franchise of coffee, and happen to find yourself in the UK at any time, be sure to give them a go.  Pure decadence and coffee perfection.
Wait, I'm rambling here.  I t…