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'Travel Mahem....London - Part 2'

Today was evidence that not even maticulous planning and forsight can always prepare you for what is to come. Ever had one of those days when you know you just should have stayed in bed?....well almost!...mmmm
This week we carefully planned out our second trip to London. As we didn't get to see it all last time we very carefully mapped out our trip this time, using google maps and tourist sites on the net to 'get it right'. Well the information was perfect and would have made our day absolutely perfect.....then we hit the traffic 'diversion' of a lifetime. After leaving home at 9am (nice and early..ish) we headed out on our planned route only to find that the M3 was closed for the weekend for maintenance...arghhh. This meant we had to follow the 'diverted traffic' signs which took us an hour longer than our direct route....interesting. Then, after making a planned stop to pick up roof racks for the car for our Europe Trip, we headed for the nearest train sta…

'Oh Deer!'

This weekend we took on a nice slow pace, soaking up the great outdoors as Spring descends on us in England.
On Saturday we took a scenic drive to The New Forest in Hampshire 'When William the Conqueror saw these acres of deer-filled heathland, pretty glades and wild wood more than 900 years ago, he couldn't believe his luck'...couldn't have put it better ourselves. The New Forest is absolutely's easy to see why it has been enjoyed by Royals over the years (unfortunately for hunting most of the time..arghh). It is filled with trees, marshland, wild horses and, yes, deer!

We meandered around the pathway, soaking up the atmosphere while on the lookout for deer. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw a herd grazing a great distance away. So you can imagine our absolute elation when we found that if we followed the path and then cut across the marshland (mud and all...nice 'clean' shoes...NOT, but fun anyway) we …

Photos of Us at New Forest


08-03-09 'Could this be Camelot?'

Today we took a step back into the days of the Legendary 'King Arthur' as we journeyed back to Winchester for a real visit to the past.

We started our day with a proper visit to 'Stone Henge', timing our visit this time to allow us entrance into the great historical site. You can't help but stare in wonder at this intriguing piece of architecture (for want of a better word)...could this really be the work of ancient Elven tribes?..or just a work of art?...only history really knows.

Next we headed back to the historical city of Winchester for a chance to have a real look at this beautiful place. Once there our first stop was the historical 'Westgate',a great place to explore the past. We looked at the old walls covered in prisoners' graffiti and the collections of armour on display. Zane even got to dress up as a Foot Soldier from old times. He looked the part in a red coat, shiny armour & a battle helmet. Then we climbed the stone staircase to the …

The Underground Fortess (Fort Nelson) - 1st March

Once again we vistited a site close to home. To begin the day, early this morning we found our new church family (St George, Waterlooville). To anyone from St James' Jimboomba, we have found a new you. A place as loving as St James.

As time was short after this, we decided to go to Fort Nelson, a short 15 minute drive from home. We are still amazed at all the things to see just around the corner.

Fort Nelson was built around 1862 to protect the land, even though the fort is build on a hill overlooking the sea. This facinating fort looks much like rabbit burrow as you stroll through the many underground tunnels. Once through the hill, you overlook the fields on the southern side at a height of about 20-30m. This is designed in such a way to stop invaders passing. The higlight of the day though, was the live fire of a cannon. This was awesome, though the boys were surprised they only fire blanks. They asked why and were told the farmer wouldn't find much enjoyment in can…

Rose Coloured Glasses - the flip side

What an interesting week it has been here in the UK. For those of you wondering, yes, I guess we do tend to wear our 'rose coloured glasses' alot....helps see the world the way it truly can be, I think. However, there have been a few moments this week when these glasses have been wrenched from our yes, we are still 'normal' I guess.
We had an interesting time with getting Matt on the right bus on Tuesday...the one he was supposed to catch was just cancelled with no warning and he consequently ended up on a bus going too far away from his destination and then had to find his way back to work from there. Needless to say there was a little stress involved. For some reason the boys were perfectly angelic getting ready for school on this day. Zane seemed very concerned at mummys reactions to daddys 'less than impressed' sms's. It was the day that my homesickness decided to rear it's little head. I had decided before 8.30am that I had had enou…

Living History and Ancient Architecture

We set off on a journey to find Southwick Priory, a building built in the 1100s to house priests and friars needing time to reflect. The priory, as we were told, is found near the centre of the town of Southwick.

Southwick is now one of the more famous towns because it housed the English Army as it readied itself for the final blow to the Germans in 1944/5 during the battle of Normandy. This town is very small and is located about 45 minutes from Portsmouth, the southern most part of England, and was chosen as it is located on the other side of the chalk hill, safely hidden. General Dwight D. Eisenhower himself was housed there and reviewed the final plans for victory in buildings in Southwick. Although all of this is great history though, the real reason for our visit was a short stroll from the town centre.

The Southwick Priory is now no more that a wall and a bit of rubble. You can feel the sacredness of this 1000 year old site as you stroll around. Darian and Zane took great t…

Circus Fun

To change pace a little, we decided to take part in a free circus workshop, put on by the local borough council. What a great family activity!! We spent an hour learning such skills as juggling, balancing, stilt woalking and diablo. As many of my closest friends and family know, I am a big kid at heart, so this was right up my alley. This time no history, just good, clean, family fun.