Rose Coloured Glasses - the flip side

What an interesting week it has been here in the UK. For those of you wondering, yes, I guess we do tend to wear our 'rose coloured glasses' alot....helps see the world the way it truly can be, I think. However, there have been a few moments this week when these glasses have been wrenched from our yes, we are still 'normal' I guess.
We had an interesting time with getting Matt on the right bus on Tuesday...the one he was supposed to catch was just cancelled with no warning and he consequently ended up on a bus going too far away from his destination and then had to find his way back to work from there. Needless to say there was a little stress involved. For some reason the boys were perfectly angelic getting ready for school on this day. Zane seemed very concerned at mummys reactions to daddys 'less than impressed' sms's. It was the day that my homesickness decided to rear it's little head. I had decided before 8.30am that I had had enough and wanted to go back home to Oz. I think the fact that we still had not been paid at this stage was not helping matters at all. When I got home I decided to sit down with the last book in the Twilight saga and tune out. What a wonderful idea! I highly recommend the whole series to anyone who ever believed in 'a love to last through all eternity'. It helped put my views back in perspective. Had a great afternoon walking home with boys after that. All the birds were singing and the daffodils aren't able to make you do anything but feel cheery. Matt got home not long after us and was in a much better frame of mind...the mornings bus experience was just another midadventure to log into our experiences here.
So yes, there are ups and downs to this adventure we are on...we are, after all, only human ( Most of all though we are having a wonderful life experience.
Matt had a strange thought yesterday. He realised that for the boys to show their own children where they went to school one day (the way we had done with them when we were in Oz), they will have to travel the globe all over again to do this...kind of a strange feeling.
The weather here is very changeable at the moment (apparently normal though). Yesterday the sun was shining, the birds were singing their little spring songs and it was just gorgeous outside...then come night fall it started to rain heavily. Today is freezing cold (but nice)'s raining lightly and there's a real chill in the air - they are expecting hail (not like in bigger than large rain drops is the hail they get here). Darian lost his jumper on the way home from school yesterday so instead of driving them to school (because it's too wet to walk) we dredged through the rain...boys with their new umbrellas (broken already), wind smacking into us, in search of the lost piece of clothing (have already replaced one). We got half way (wouldn't you know it) and got a phone call from the school to say that a gentleman had found it in his front yard yesterday and was holding on to it for us.....hooray! We still had to walk the rest of the way in the rain though...then I had to walk back again. I think (& hope) that Darian just might have learnt his lesson this time (time will tell)....another little misadventure. All is well though. They are warm at school with central heating & I am able to thaw out in our own warm little home.
So, you see, the rose coloured glasses are not always in tact...though we may try to keep them there as much as possible. What is there without these glasses some days. I really believe that they do make the world a better place & I would much prefer to wear them every moment of my life and be called a 'dreamer' than to take them off & be as unhappy as so many people (unneccesarily) are in this world.
So from me to you, 'smile...& put those rosey glasses where they fit best...over your eyes...& believe that anything is possible...because it truly is'. Life is Good!


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