‘In the Flesh’

This morning we got up nice and early and set off towards Kent. Our long-term friend Nicole and her Mum have arrived in England for a wedding. Determined to catch up while they are here, we wasted no time making plans to meet up. Having driven to Kent so many times to go across to France now it didn’t seem to take the 2 hours we know it did to get there. Once we got into the area Nic and Colleen were staying in we were met with the now-familiar sight of narrow country lanes, surrounded by fruit trees, green grass, bales of hay and an absolute sense of magic. What a gorgeous place!

The sensation of seeing one of our contacts from home was a little overwhelming. There was definitely some tight embracing... and some tears too.

To make the most out of our limited time together we decided to go for a visit to near-by ‘Leeds Castle’. Brilliant choice! The castle is surrounded by the most amazing gardens. You can easily feel quite small as you wander around prehistoric looking plants... they were massive! The ducks rested on the surrounding lakes as we meandered along the pathway towards the spectacular castle which very closely resembles ‘Titchfield Abbey’. They were both built around the same time (1300’s if my memory is working today... will check that later). The castle, unlike Titchfield however, is still completely intact... and jaw droppingly beautiful.

The day went way too fast and it was finally time to say goodbye again. Loads more cuddles. Darian kept going back to give his ‘Nicky-Noo’ (his name for her since he was 4) more cuddles and then we headed off very quietly for a while, all feeling the sense of sadness as we left.


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