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Taste Extravaganza!

They say 'when in Rome... do as the Roman's do' so who, in sticking with this old adage, when visiting the picturesque Cornwall, could resist sampling some traditional Cornish food?  Certain not the Bergman 4!

We spent another day today crossing things off the wish list.  After a nice relaxed start to the morning we hopped in the car and headed for Land's End.  After visiting John O'Groats (the northern most point in the UK) last summer we decided it would be nice to get to Land's End (the opposite position, so to speak).  It's not quite the most southern point but is the most south western point... and one visited by many to complete the journey from north to south.

At Land's End there isn't really much to do.  A simple visit to the information centre to read all the famous stories about the journey from John O'Groats to Land's End and the views of the rugged coast line.  The views are quite spectacular but, to be honest, it's not real…

High Tea - Cornish Style

Today we headed off to Cornwall in the South West of England for a taste of something new... and taste something new we did.  We arrived a little after 1pm to find the entrance all done up for a party in honour of the Royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine.  We were invited to join other caravanner's for a High Tea celebration between 3 and 5pm.  We hadn't experienced an English High Tea yet and thoroughly enjoyed it.

After we set up camp we headed up to join the others for lovely English sandwiches and a glass of Pimms, followed by Scones with jam and cream (Cornish Style).  Delicious!  We toasted the happy Royal couple and enjoyed the company of other like minded people.  How civilized!

After letting our hair down we headed back to the van for a coffee (to wake up from the Pimms) and a very relaxing first evening in Cornwal.

On tomorrow's agenda:  Land's End ... and somewhere, a taste of traditional 'Cornish Pasties'... maybe even Cornish Ice cream…

Fulfilling Fantasies!


Dorset Dreaming

This week we were blessed enough to finally visit the beautiful area of Dorset.  We set off nice and early, with a fully packed picnic and camera gear for an anticipated long day out.  The drive there was just under 2 hours so we were prepared to be exhausted.  The main priority of the day:  to visit the historic Durdle Door!

After discovering that one of the UK's most beautiful bluebell spots, Pamphill, was not far off our route we planned a waypoint to see the bluebells in their prime.  We were not quite prepared for how many bluebells are in this amazing copse.  Everywhere we looked it seemed like we were looking at a painting or a fairy playground.  Photographs could never completely do it justice... but we sure did try!

We laid in the filtered sun for a dreamy family shot and even found a really cool shelter (probably made by children having holiday fun)

We meandered around this lovely piece of Dorset for almost 2 hours (quite a big waypoint) before heading back to the car to…

Is that you Mrs Tiggy Winkle?

We had a surprise visitor to our little neighbourhood today!  I heard a loud yell from Matt and Zane to get outside and, thinking there was some kind of emergency, was very surprised to discover they had spotted a hedge hog.... our first sighting since coming to the UK back in 2009.

I screamed at Matt to grab the cameras and we headed outside in pursuit of this shy little creature.  He/She was huddled up in front of one our neighbours' houses.... and very reluctant to come out when we started fussing about it being there.

Eventually it came back out in the open and scuttled off to find it's home perhaps?

A very exciting find.


Titchfield Haven .... ahhh!

Yesterday we took advantage of a not-so-bad day of weather.  We packed a salad lunch, drinks and snacks and headed off for Titchfield Haven in search of some bird watching experience.  The weather man obviously decided this was a good idea and decided, when we were half way there, to let the sun shine.  Brilliant timing!
When we arrived we discovered that the reserve is nestled right next to the sea.... so we went for a nice stroll with Storm along the waterfront, studying the intriguing beach huts (all different in their own ways) and enjoying the shell beach with many an old timber remnant of structures long gone.  Very relaxing!
After Storm had been on enough of a walk we left her for a rest while we went to seek out some wildlife.  The haven has many hides to sit in and watch the local birds, consisting of many types of water birds.  We even saw some beautiful red-breasted-robins and butterflies along the way.  Spring is definitely in the air!
After bird watching we headed into the h…

Manor Farm ... a day in the sun!

We had an amazing day today at Manor Farm.  We arrived to find it actually open this time. A lovely time was had by the four of us as we meandered around this working, Victorian style, farm.  We watched baby lambs playing, pigs rolling in their pens, donkeys braying and even played games in the Victorian school yard.  A great day indeed!