Dorset Dreaming

Panorama by Matt

This week we were blessed enough to finally visit the beautiful area of Dorset.  We set off nice and early, with a fully packed picnic and camera gear for an anticipated long day out.  The drive there was just under 2 hours so we were prepared to be exhausted.  The main priority of the day:  to visit the historic Durdle Door!

Time for Daydreaming!

After discovering that one of the UK's most beautiful bluebell spots, Pamphill, was not far off our route we planned a waypoint to see the bluebells in their prime.  We were not quite prepared for how many bluebells are in this amazing copse.  Everywhere we looked it seemed like we were looking at a painting or a fairy playground.  Photographs could never completely do it justice... but we sure did try!

We laid in the filtered sun for a dreamy family shot and even found a really cool shelter (probably made by children having holiday fun)
What a great place for a cubby!

We meandered around this lovely piece of Dorset for almost 2 hours (quite a big waypoint) before heading back to the car to travel the next 20 minutes to the coast.

Not far down the road we made another quick stop as we saw signs for Lulworth Castle... another amazing piece of English history!

The castle was destroyed by fire many years ago but the shell remains and you can even still climb up to the top for a rural view worth climbing the many stairs to see.  What a view!  The sun was shining in all it's glory.  I think Spring has come early again to the UK.  This made the day all the more beautiful and so enjoyable!!!!

After this fulfilling stop we hopped in the car again and finished the drive to Durdle Door.  Excitement filled us as we approached the green hillside, where we sat and enjoyed our picnic.  The sky was so clear that the water looked like glass and cloud all mixed together... so hazy!  We could see the top of the Door from where we sat but could never have been fully prepared for the pure beauty of it.  When we finally finished eating and started walking down the very steep walk to get to the seaside we all gasped.  What a sight!

What can I say?  The weather was perfect, the atmosphere surreal and the views... very well worth the drive.
We enjoyed relaxing on the seaside for over 4 hours (as we waited for the glorious shots that would come with sunset).  What a way to wile away a day!  The boys were so well behaved... and even took a little splash in the very cold water.

We still haven't finished processing the many photographs we managed to capture on this amazing day.  Hope you enjoy what we have done so far.

This certainly goes in the top 5 of things to do and see in the UK.  So glad I got to check this one off my bucket list.... so worth it!

What a place!!!!!!!

~ Kerry ~
Matt & Kerry enjoy a little romance at this historic site!


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