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The long road home!

It's almost 2 and a half years since we left our home in Australia and our loved ones in pursuit of our 'adventure of a lifetime'... to live in the UK and see some more of this amazing world.
We have seen so many amazing things during our time in this part of this amazing world.  We could easily lose count of the countries we have visited:
England (obviously)ScotlandFranceGermanyAustriaSwitzerlandNetherlandsSpainItalyVeniceVaticanMonacoBelgium... unbelievable!   Can't even to begin to list the cities and historical places we have seen within them (including the Sisteen Chapel).
The time is almost here for us tor return home. Mixed feelings plague the four of us as we pick up the life we have made for ourselves here and get ready to return home and settle down... and lay some more permanent roots.  Only 8 more weeks in the UK... and going so very fast!