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Daisy Hill Treasures

Are you looking for somewhere in Logan City to do a decent sized walk, hike or mountain bike trail? Who would have thought that, hidden amongst the Daisy Hill Koala Centre you would find such a place?  Our family has been to the Koala Sanctuary/Park many times over the years and never knew it existed until our search for 'Dog-friendly' walks revealed it.

Matt recently purchased a book called "Brisbane's Best Bush, Bay & City Walks" (ISBN: 978-921874-87-1) in hope of finding more weekend adventures for us and our fur baby.  This book tells you what to expect from each walk listed, including whether or not it is pet friendly.  A definite must for those who like to get out and about with their furry friends.

Just a short walk through the Daisy Hill Conservation Park, located behind the Koala Centre in Logan City's Daisy Hill area, you will find several walk options.  Today, with Matt's brother Daniel and two of his boys by our side, we set off in search …

See you next time Kawana

We woke to a cooler day today.  Good timing.

Once packed we decided to wait out time, until checkout, on the balcony…. where we saw more WHALES!  This time I had my zoom lens handy so managed to grab a quick snap of what looked like a mother and calf.   So cool!

We're now settled back at home, totally refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of the school break together.  This is the first time the four of us have been together like this most of this year and it's so refreshing.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Day #2 at Kawana

This morning I awoke to the gentle nudge from Matt, telling me it was 5am.  Yep, 5 am!  While we are on holidays anywhere near the coastline it is our tradition to get up at least one morning and see the sunrise.  Thyroid medication time or not (not until 6:30 so no kick start for me) I had a tradition and promise to keep.  There was no tucking me back into the comfort of bed.  I was up and ready in a heart beat!  You only get one life and I am determined to LIVE it!
Was it worth it?  You tell me???  I say:  YES!!!

We got across the road with Zane (leaving Daz snoring in bed), camera gear ready and eagerness at it's peak, just in time to set up and start capturing what turned out to be a STUNNER of a sunrise.  A true Morning Glory in our eyes!

We watched as a group of canoe riders headed out for a morning tumble on the waves, and as the world slowly woke to this glorious day.

Once we were back at the apartment Matt put some croissants in the oven to warm and we enjoyed a lovely c…

A great little get away!

After everything that has been going on this year, Matt and I knew that a family getaway was needed.   Such a crazy year, dealing with selling a house, buying a home, moving out of a rental .... and then there was the cancer issue.  Seems we have had our hands full of stuff that could cripple a family quite easily, but we kept rolling with it.

When our yearly getaway to Kawana, for rowing with Mr D, fell through, we decided to reschedule these couple of days and turn them into a true holiday.  Normally we don't have the chance to explore Kawana and are too busy at the lake with rowing to even wander past the Surf club and see the beach.  This time was different.  We packed up the house, left Trinket in the care of her beautiful grandparents, and headed off to kick off our shoes and PLAY!

This is our fourth year visiting Kawana and we finally got to ENJOY it!  What did we think of Kawana?  Loved it!  We have head others say there isn't much to do or see.  Could not agree with t…

Pet owners, beware

We had a bit of a close call with authority today.  Really must remember to check where we are going before we decide to bring our lovely Miss T along.  It seems that there are still places in Australia which are very 'Dog unfriendly'.  After our time living in the UK and traveling throughout Europe this still surprises us.
Our destination today was Wellington Point in the Redland City, a lovely area to be sure, but beware if you are visiting with a dog.  Due to the Redlands area being considered a conservation area residents voted to have dogs not alllowed during certain areas.  They are ok at some hours but not others so be sure to check this before heading out for a day in the sun with your beloved pooch.

All that aside, we had a magnificent day.  Luckily for us we had managed to enjoy a 3 hour stay before the lovely (and I do mean lovely) ranger came and had a chat with us about why we should get in our car and drive away from the area with our dog.  He was so polite and a…