Day #2 at Kawana

This morning I awoke to the gentle nudge from Matt, telling me it was 5am.  Yep, 5 am!  While we are on holidays anywhere near the coastline it is our tradition to get up at least one morning and see the sunrise.  Thyroid medication time or not (not until 6:30 so no kick start for me) I had a tradition and promise to keep.  There was no tucking me back into the comfort of bed.  I was up and ready in a heart beat!  You only get one life and I am determined to LIVE it!

Was it worth it?  You tell me???  I say:  YES!!!

We got across the road with Zane (leaving Daz snoring in bed), camera gear ready and eagerness at it's peak, just in time to set up and start capturing what turned out to be a STUNNER of a sunrise.  A true Morning Glory in our eyes!

We watched as a group of canoe riders headed out for a morning tumble on the waves, and as the world slowly woke to this glorious day.

Once we were back at the apartment Matt put some croissants in the oven to warm and we enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee on the balcony.  What a way to start the day!  By the time Daz woke from his sleep his brekky was ready and we were preparing for the day's adventures.

We headed off again, by foot, to the Northern side of the beach today, walking the full 3+km, along the beach, to Point Cartwright.  Well worth the walk.  The boys played around, and even swam, in the early morning.  We saw more whales!!!

After playing around at Point Cartwright, taking a tonne of phone photos, and exploring around the side of the cliff, we headed back towards the apartment, this time via the road.  There we found the lovely "One on La Balsa" cafe, where we stopped for the most divine iced chocolate and frappe coffees.  The service was superb!  It's so nice to be served by staff who are as happy to be at work as you are to have them there.  Smiles all around make this place such a great visit!  As you sit on their landing you can see all the way to Mooloolaba.  We slowly drank our beverages and then walked the remaining distance back to the apartment, dreaming about coastal houses as we passed all the glorious homes along the coast line.

Once back we got ready to go again.  No rest for us busy bees.  Next destination:  Mooloolaba for a nice lunch and afternoon stroll.  Lunch consisted of Smoothies from Boost and Icecreams for the boys.  We meandered along the promenade, browsing in shops, hunting Pokemon and generally having a lovely time.  Then, once we were all exhausted completely, we headed back to the apartment where Matt and I left the boys and headed for a walk to the shops for more supplies before dinner.

Dinner tonight was at the Surf Club.  This has become one of our traditions while staying at Kawana and, though it was just our little family this time, we still went.  Divine seafood for Matt and I and Lasagne for the boys.  Then, back to watch "Zumbo's Sweet Factory" and sleep!

Tomorrow morning we head home.  It's been a short stay but such a wonderful one!


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