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Today's the day…. for a picnic!

What a wonderful day for a picnic!  The sun was shining so brightly it felt like a summer's day as a big group of us from St James' ascended on Robelle Domain Park in Springfield for our Church picnic!
It sure is funny how things work out.  Our picnic was originally scheduled for last weekend but rain decided that this was not to be… so it was rescheduled.  As it turns out, not only was the sun in it's full glory, there was some kind of major celebration going on at the park for the community.  The kids (big kids too) enjoyed a zip wire, live entertainment from local talents, face painting, skirmish games, a jumping castle and oh so much more… for FREE!!!  Wow.  What timing!  Of course, the parks' lovely water play area got some serious use as well.  Autumn really should have been too cold for fun in the water… but not today!  Are we sure it wasn't summer today?  We sure are blessed.
We will have to do this again later this year I think.  I'm sure it won't…

Mountain High

In much need of some leg stretching and majestic scenery we packed a picnic lunch this morning and headed to lovely Mt Tamborine!

The sun was shining like a summer's day... much different to the cold gloomy weather of earlier this week.

Having not been to the "Sandy Creek Falls" circuit since 2008 we decided that North Tamborine was our starting point for today's much needed outing.

I forgot our how truly stunning this section of Tamborine is. The 2.5km circuit took us around 3 hours... not because of how easily one might trip if not careful, but because all four of us were in the mood of some serious photography therapy. We played with scenery shots and serious macro (glad I packed the macro gear) as we wandered through the dapple lighting of the beautiful Tamborine rainforest. Ahhh... so very lovely.

The Sandy Creek Circuit includes a lookout with a beautiful view of "Cameron Falls". The sky was so blue today that even the mountains around the fall…

2 years ago this week…. | Longleat Safari Park

Has it really been two years already since we first visited this amazing wildlife park?  How the time does fly.

For those who have followed our blog while we were away in the UK we thank you and apologise for no blogging since we left…. I promise to catch up on our crazy travels around America/Canada before we finally made it back home, where we have already caught up with many of you.  Luckily, I have kept a full account of the USA tour so I will slowly backdate all those entries.

I decided it might be nice to occasionally have a look at the archives from our travel photos…. there are sooooo many.  This will give me a chance to process them while I delve back into what we were doing on particular days 1, 2 and 3 years ago… whew!

This will be mostly a photo blog… with a touch of reminiscing, I'm sure.

I look forward to adding more travel entries about Australia as well, as our feet are continually on the move…. and our eyes on the lookout for beautiful sites to see.

Here's so…