Mountain High

In much need of some leg stretching and majestic scenery we packed a picnic lunch this morning and headed to lovely Mt Tamborine!

The sun was shining like a summer's day... much different to the cold gloomy weather of earlier this week.

Having not been to the "Sandy Creek Falls" circuit since 2008 we decided that North Tamborine was our starting point for today's much needed outing.

I forgot our how truly stunning this section of Tamborine is. The 2.5km circuit took us around 3 hours... not because of how easily one might trip if not careful, but because all four of us were in the mood of some serious photography therapy. We played with scenery shots and serious macro (glad I packed the macro gear) as we wandered through the dapple lighting of the beautiful Tamborine rainforest. Ahhh... so very lovely.

The Sandy Creek Circuit includes a lookout with a beautiful view of "Cameron Falls". The sky was so blue today that even the mountains around the falls took on that Aussie 'true blue' colour. Simply stunning!

Once we had satisfied our hunger for some majestic views we decided to satisfy our bodily hunger with the beautiful picnic Matt so lovingly prepared... tuna and salad. Yum!!!

Next we headed off to "Gallery Walk", home to art and craft stores and cafes galore. We enjoyed some local craft while to boys refreshed themselves with an icecream each.

I'm sure it won't be long before we return for another majestic mountain high at this naturally beautiful countryside of Tamborine!


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