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On the 2nd day of Cruisemas ......Sunday the 20th of December

Today was a typical 'at sea' day: relaxed and easy going.  I woke at just after 4am (home time) to the sun shining in the window of our cabin.  Sleep called, but the chance to surprise Matt by meeting him up on the running track was too tempting.  I rose, got dressed, left both boys sleeping soundly (or so I thought) and headed up to the top deck to meet my man.  Despite my best efforts to sneak up on Matt, he spotted me straight away.  Before we made another lap of the top deck we found Zane waiting for us.  The wind was quite crazy so we all headed down to the Gym.
After a great wake up work out Mat and I headed into the Aqua Spa for some rejuvenation.  What a way to start the day!  I could seriously get used to this.
We had a nice early breakfast outside on the Adult Only deck, followed by chilling out in one of the lounges for a while.  All seven of us enjoyed the chill time.
Matt, John, Carol, Daniel and I headed to the Mix Bar for some Cocktail Making fun!  What a blast…

Crusin' Time: Day 1 - Saturday the 19th of December

We loved our first cruise, two years ago, so much that we booked another one for this year.  This time we are set to experience the 9 day Christmas Cruise with P&O on board the Pacific Dawn....... Here starts our daily account of our latest Travel adventure.  Bon Voyage!
Today is the day we set of on our second family cruise.  With butterflies in our stomachs, we were all awake well and truly before we needed to be.  Miss Trinket was dropped off with the lovely people from the Pet Motel at 8.00am and we then set off to meet Matt's mum, dad and brother Dan, before heading off to the Port of Brisbane.
Excitement was high as we boarded the Pacific Dawn, after a quick stop at the TRS counter to claim back the taxes on our recent pre-cruise spendings.  Once on board the first stop for Matt and I was the Aqua Spa.  Here we quickly signed up to take advantage of their couples package again.  Then it was off to Plantation for a quick lunch.  The Dawn now has an amazing adven…