On the 2nd day of Cruisemas ......Sunday the 20th of December

Today was a typical 'at sea' day: relaxed and easy going.  I woke at just after 4am (home time) to the sun shining in the window of our cabin.  Sleep called, but the chance to surprise Matt by meeting him up on the running track was too tempting.  I rose, got dressed, left both boys sleeping soundly (or so I thought) and headed up to the top deck to meet my man.  Despite my best efforts to sneak up on Matt, he spotted me straight away.  Before we made another lap of the top deck we found Zane waiting for us.  The wind was quite crazy so we all headed down to the Gym.

After a great wake up work out Mat and I headed into the Aqua Spa for some rejuvenation.  What a way to start the day!  I could seriously get used to this.

We had a nice early breakfast outside on the Adult Only deck, followed by chilling out in one of the lounges for a while.  All seven of us enjoyed the chill time.

Matt, John, Carol, Daniel and I headed to the Mix Bar for some Cocktail Making fun!  What a blast!  Matt and I are not used to drinking so the cocktails gave us quite a hit, even at the half strength we made them at.  Must say, I'm a bit fond of the Butterscotch schnapps - yum!  We met another great couple there and had an absolute blast!  We enjoyed a nice snooze on the deck afterwards, though I'm not sure that falling asleep in the sun was a great idea.

Carol and I enjoyed a quick game of bingo in the Marquee.  No prizes but lots of fun!

Lunch was enjoyed at the lovely Waterfront restaurant today.  Such a nice way to spend lunch on a sea day.

We didn't see much of Daz all day.  He was too busy playing Call of Duty with the kids club.  He did join Zane in the afternoon for a game of skirmish in the Dome.

The afternoon was spent chilling in the Atrium before heading to the Waterfront restaurant for dinner.  Tonight's theme was 'dress up' so we donned our best attire and got ready for a nice evening.  We had our photos taken at several backdrop stations on the way to dinner.  Can't wait to see how they turn out.  We even decided to sign up for family portraits on Boxing Day.

If you get a chance to experience the Spare ribs (a share dish) in the Waterfront restaurant on Pacific Dawn we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do so.  Oh my!  I wish this was available more than the one night it is offered for.  So delicious and tender.  Literally melted in our mouths.

After dinner the adults headed to the Dome for some 18+ fun, though I'm not sure it needed to be rated that way.  The activity being offered was Rock n Roll quiz.  We had so much fun with this!  I was a it of a legend with this.  The boys don't call me 'jukebox' for no reason!  I actually got myself banned for a couple of rounds as I apparently knew too many song titles and artists ....lol

Matt and I didn't stick around for the dancing after quiz, opting instead to go for a late night stroll on the top deck with Zane, before heading off to bed.  A beautiful way to end the day!


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