A great little get away!

After everything that has been going on this year, Matt and I knew that a family getaway was needed.   Such a crazy year, dealing with selling a house, buying a home, moving out of a rental .... and then there was the cancer issue.  Seems we have had our hands full of stuff that could cripple a family quite easily, but we kept rolling with it.

When our yearly getaway to Kawana, for rowing with Mr D, fell through, we decided to reschedule these couple of days and turn them into a true holiday.  Normally we don't have the chance to explore Kawana and are too busy at the lake with rowing to even wander past the Surf club and see the beach.  This time was different.  We packed up the house, left Trinket in the care of her beautiful grandparents, and headed off to kick off our shoes and PLAY!

How we are feeling right now!!!

This is our fourth year visiting Kawana and we finally got to ENJOY it!  What did we think of Kawana?  Loved it!  We have head others say there isn't much to do or see.  Could not agree with this.  As always we stayed at the Beachside Resort, only this time: we had a Beachside apartment.  Woo hoo!  Views of the ocean from our own balcony.  Now, that's more like it!

Always time for a selfie with Mum!
So nice to see them relax!

We overlooked the Surf club and had full views of the beach.  The apartments at Beachside are always in beautiful condition.  They are clean, smoke free and have all the essentials needed for a fully self contained apartment holiday.

Our gorgeous view!

Our first afternoon was spent walking the beach.  We walked north for quite a few kilometers, playing on the edge of the water and taking photos with nothing but our phones.  So much fun.  Then, on our way back to the apartment, we saw whales!  Woo hoo!  We were so excited.  They were fully breaching, a couple of hundred meters out from shore.  What an awesome discovery!

Perfect end to a perfect day!

Once back at the apartment I cooked up some lovely bacon carbonara (bought with grocerys from the nearby shopping center), while Matt and Zane went on a Pokémon hunt and Daz chilled in front of the TV.  Then, it was dinner, wine and a cheese platter with the views of the evening ocean before a much needed bed time.  Yep, a good day!


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