Fulfilling Fantasies!

"In The Meadow" ... Matt & Kerry enjoy a 'Twilight' inspired pose!

Sometimes in life you need to make room for fulfilling fantasies!  It's bluebell season again in the UK and Kerry had a special request.... to take Family Portraits, and intimate shots with Matt, reminiscent of the scenes shared between Edward and Bella in the Twilight films.  Yes, we know they were not bluebells in the original shots but the bluebells are so dreamy and perfect for this... a mixture of fantasy and the beautiful English countryside we will remember forever.

We drove out to Chithurst for this copse of bluebells - the same copse we visited last year to view bluebells for the first time.  The weather was perfect, with the sun filtering through the canopy of trees that surrounds this amazingly beautiful spot.

After the portraits we chilled next to the little stream for a while to take some more running water shots.
A lovely way to spend a beautiful Spring Afternoon.


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