Titchfield Haven .... ahhh!

Yesterday we took advantage of a not-so-bad day of weather.  We packed a salad lunch, drinks and snacks and headed off for Titchfield Haven in search of some bird watching experience.  The weather man obviously decided this was a good idea and decided, when we were half way there, to let the sun shine.  Brilliant timing!

When we arrived we discovered that the reserve is nestled right next to the sea.... so we went for a nice stroll with Storm along the waterfront, studying the intriguing beach huts (all different in their own ways) and enjoying the shell beach with many an old timber remnant of structures long gone.  Very relaxing!

After Storm had been on enough of a walk we left her for a rest while we went to seek out some wildlife.  The haven has many hides to sit in and watch the local birds, consisting of many types of water birds.  We even saw some beautiful red-breasted-robins and butterflies along the way.  Spring is definitely in the air!

After bird watching we headed into the haven's cafe for a well earned rest and hot drink... cappuccinos for Kerry, Matt and Zane... and a hot chocolate with marshmallows for Darian.  Zane is enjoying his occasional treat of a coffee lately.... the privilege of getting older and more mature as time goes by.

We returned home for a very relaxing afternoon, followed by an amazing lasagne, made by Darian, for dinner before the boys settled down to watch a film together and Kerry and Matt settled down to crochet and watch Glee.  A fabulous day indeed!



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