Starting a new life

What a week! This week we left our comfortable life in Australia and began a new, uncertain life in the UK.

Since leaving the hot dry conditions of Oz we have seen snow, rain, sleet, hail and (believe it or not) sunshine, all in 1 week. The boys (and Kerry and I) thoroughly enjoyed seeing snow fall and had our very first snowball fight.

Although there have been a great deal of ups, it hasn't been without its downs too. Leaving family was hard but staying in a 1 bedroom, no private bathroom, B&B for over a week is starting to grate on us. We now know we are moving soon into a 2 bedroom, semidetached house in Waterlooville. This will be the highlight next week.

So far we have had only one moment where the boys have become homesick, missing their cousins, grandparents and friends. No doubt this will happen regularly. They have assured us though, that they would not swap the experience for anything!!

We will continue to post many updates, hopefully more than once a week. So stay tuned for some great blogging!!


  1. Great idea guys. look forward to following your travel and dreams

  2. Wow I am soooo envious what a fantastic opportunity, so pleased you've found a place, my Dad was born not too far away in Dorset, can't wait to get an update
    Hope work is going well & you can understand them LOL xx


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