Taste Extravaganza!

They say 'when in Rome... do as the Roman's do' so who, in sticking with this old adage, when visiting the picturesque Cornwall, could resist sampling some traditional Cornish food?  Certain not the Bergman 4!

We spent another day today crossing things off the wish list.  After a nice relaxed start to the morning we hopped in the car and headed for Land's End.  After visiting John O'Groats (the northern most point in the UK) last summer we decided it would be nice to get to Land's End (the opposite position, so to speak).  It's not quite the most southern point but is the most south western point... and one visited by many to complete the journey from north to south.

At Land's End there isn't really much to do.  A simple visit to the information centre to read all the famous stories about the journey from John O'Groats to Land's End and the views of the rugged coast line.  The views are quite spectacular but, to be honest, it's not really much to write home about.  Certainly worth some photos though!

After Land's End we headed back towards Looe (where we are camped) via a stop in Penzance (as in the Pirates of Penzance).  What a gorgeous, sleepy, little place this turned out to be.  Being a coastal city it is filled with tourists (like ourselves), pirate paraphenalea, tourist shops... and, of course, many shops selling the famouse fayre of the area:  Cornish Pasties and Cornish Icecream. mmm  mmm  mmm

We found a lovely little cafe that made their own traditional pasties and sat inside to sample some for ourselves.  Delicious!  As it turns out, to be a 'traditional' Cornish Pasty it must: be in the shape of a D, have crimped edges, have roughly cut meat and vege in the middle... and, of course, come from Cornwall.  Yum!!!  Our taste buds were certainly happy that we gave this a go!

On the way back to the car we stopped at an ice creamery for some tradtional Cornish Ice cream which, of course, we had in the 'tradtional' Cornish wafer cone.  The ice cream was certainly very creamy.  Absolutely delicious!  What an amazing sensation for our very cultural taste buds.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a lazy day... with a visit into Looe (another seaside town) for a lovely stroll around the coast, before relaxing back at camp before the big drive back home to Hampshire on Monday.

These taste buds will rest very happy tonight.  A taste extravaganza indeed!



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