The Underground Fortess (Fort Nelson) - 1st March

Once again we vistited a site close to home. To begin the day, early this morning we found our new church family (St George, Waterlooville). To anyone from St James' Jimboomba, we have found a new you. A place as loving as St James.

As time was short after this, we decided to go to Fort Nelson, a short 15 minute drive from home. We are still amazed at all the things to see just around the corner.

Fort Nelson was built around 1862 to protect the land, even though the fort is build on a hill overlooking the sea. This facinating fort looks much like rabbit burrow as you stroll through the many underground tunnels. Once through the hill, you overlook the fields on the southern side at a height of about 20-30m. This is designed in such a way to stop invaders passing. The higlight of the day though, was the live fire of a cannon. This was awesome, though the boys were surprised they only fire blanks. They asked why and were told the farmer wouldn't find much enjoyment in canon balls constantly being lobbed over the fort!!

There are many historical displays of canons, dating back to one from the early 1st Century. Even Kerry enjoyed it (well sort of). Lots of big boys toys!! (and photo ops)

More next week when we hopefully return to Stonehenge and Winchester.



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