08-03-09 'Could this be Camelot?'

Today we took a step back into the days of the Legendary 'King Arthur' as we journeyed back to Winchester for a real visit to the past.

We started our day with a proper visit to 'Stone Henge', timing our visit this time to allow us entrance into the great historical site. You can't help but stare in wonder at this intriguing piece of architecture (for want of a better word)...could this really be the work of ancient Elven tribes?..or just a work of art?...only history really knows.

Next we headed back to the historical city of Winchester for a chance to have a real look at this beautiful place. Once there our first stop was the historical 'Westgate',a great place to explore the past. We looked at the old walls covered in prisoners' graffiti and the collections of armour on display. Zane even got to dress up as a Foot Soldier from old times. He looked the part in a red coat, shiny armour & a battle helmet. Then we climbed the stone staircase to the rooftop where we could see the city and Matt with Storm waiting for us below (in the freezing rain, at that..)

Then, just a short walk away, was 'The Great Hall', the final resting place for the historic 'Round Table'. It is said that this is the table used by the Legendary King Arthur himself....we believe he really existed and that Winchester is most likely 'Camelot' itself. Quote: 'A striking sight, the table has hung for over 700 years on the wall of The Great Hall - the only remaining part of Winchester Castle, once the centre of court and government life. Spot the names of the knights of King Arthur and re-visit this favourite legend known to children through books and film adaptations'.
It was a freezing cold, rainy day today, but we couldn't help but feel a buzz as we slowly took in these amazing sights of some other era long ago. Absolutely breathtaking.
'Long Live Camelot'



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