Looking for a good coffee in Brisbane?

Wow!  We have been really slack with the travel blog lately.  It occurred to us that we are simply not getting out as much as we once did.  Time to change that right now …. and give this blog a much needed bit of love.

Those of you who have followed us since we took off on our adventures across the sea to the UK would know that Matt and I are absolute lovers of COFFEE.  Well, that's not quite right.  We are lovers of GOOD COFFEE.  Who isn't, right?  Many of us go ga-ga over a great cup of coffee or tea …. or both.  Or, for those who love something sweeter there is always great hot chocolate to be found.

Now, if you have ever found yourself in the UK you would quite likely have ended up stumbling across Costa.  Oh my, the memories!  Costa Coffee is pure heaven in a mug.  If you haven't tried this amazing franchise of coffee, and happen to find yourself in the UK at any time, be sure to give them a go.  Pure decadence and coffee perfection.

Wait, I'm rambling here.  I think I may be having some kind of Costa withdrawal still, even after four years since last tasting it.  What was I saying before I mentioned this heaven-sent beverage?  Oh, yes.  Matt and I love a GREAT COFFEE!

Enter BONSAI BOTANIKA!  During our day trip into Brisbane recently we finally got a chance to experience Bonsai Botanika as a family.  Our eldest son was introduced to Bonsai Botanika by his girlfriend some time last year.  He lead us on a wild goose chase around Brisbane earlier this year while seeking it out and then managed to find it while on a bike ride with Matt on a later date.  It was definitely worth the game of hide and seek.  Seems that all those years galavanting around Europe and the UK, let alone years in the Scout movement and Air Cadets, did nothing for his sense of direction or mapping skills…. sorry, baby.  We will work on that.  Oops, I'm currently having flash backs to our arrival in the UK all those years ago.  Whose idea was it to give this, then 10 year old, a map to find our direction while driving?  Oh, yes.  Twas mine.  My bad.  Still a laughing point today.  Oh dear, I digress…. again!

Let's make this easier for you right now.  Should you find yourself in Brisbane and in need of a great hot beverage (who doesn't?) you can find Bonsai Botanika at:  109 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane.  If you're on Facebook you can find their page here.

This charming Ramen Restaurant, Steakhouse and Grill does not disappoint.  Our soul mission, while visiting, was to enjoy their hot beverages, which my boy raved about so much.  Matt and I had a Caramel Latte (naughty), while the boys both enjoyed hot chocolate: one Madagascan Dark, the other White.  Oh my!  While the latte's were exactly what we had hoped on, the hot chocolates took the whole experience to another level.  These delicacies come complete with a beacon of melted chocolate for you to pour into your frothy milky delight.  The boys were happy to give Matt and I a taste …. kind of wishing I had ordered the hot chocolate.  I'm thinking that this hot beacon of heaven would be the perfect addition to a coffee too.  Be sure to ask if they offer this.  Oh dear!  My mouth is watering, just thinking about it.

So, in the short (and sweet) of it, if you are in the centre of Brisbane, be sure to check out Bonsai Botanika.  I only wish I had my trusty DSLR on me at the time of our visit so I could treat you to some truly appetising images.  My apologies for the snap shots …. hope you get a true visual.

Our rating:  5 mmm's out of 5.

Want to see what else we got up to on our day around Brisbane?  Be sure to visit our photography blog to read more on our recommendations for enjoying a great day in Brisbane.  You can find the link here.


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