Crank it!

This weekend we took on an adventure of a new kind as a family.  With the desire for more 'adventurous' outings we joined a group of gym buddies and headed to Crank Indoor Climbing at Mt Gravatt.  Crank Indoor Climbing can be found near Garden City, at 2/537 Kessels Rd, MacGregor.  Parking is readily accessible at the adjacent parking facility.

We had so much fun at this venue!  The climbing walls available are graded from beginner to advanced, and are all well labelled so that you know which grade your chosen wall is.  The pegs are also colour coded, making life much easier.

The boys were AMAZING!  They worked together, even helping their cousin Amara (who joined us for the day).  Together they scaled walls, belayed for each other and encouraged everyone involved in our day out.  Much to my surprise, I even managed to scale several walls - there's a first for everything.  I absolutely LOVED it!!!  Proof that you are never too old to get fit and give new experiences a go.

Though memberships are available you can also attend on a casual basis.  Under 18's will need parental consent.  Costs to climb are:
$5 for joining fee (one off)
$20 Adults and $16 for Students/Juniors
If you need to hire equipment fees for this are:
$5 for a Harness; $5 for shoes (though regular fitness shoes are fine for beginners); $5 for Chalk bag (optional).

So, if you're looking for a great day out ... and love adventure, be sure to consider rock climbing.  If you're on the south side of Brisbane Crank is a great place to choose.  What a great day!


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