Day #14 ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa…by night’

We woke to the sounds of bottle bins being emptied this morning…so much for a lay in. The sun is shining in all it’s glory already – another beautiful day…
…Had a lovely swim a few kilometres up the beach, in the main part of Camparosso. The water was icy cold and clear blue. Stormy girl (reluctantly) had a swim too. It was another rock beach, so quite hard on the feet, but still lovely. We went for a stroll around the local shops – can’t believe the low price of alcohol here (didn’t buy any though). One litre of Bacardi was €12 – AMAZING! The local drops here are sold in many novelty bottles in shapes of many things and the straws were about 1 metre in length…funny! We drooled over massive bags of freshly dried pasta and bought Zane and Darian a massive twisted lolly pop each: very happy boys! We all had a big giggle at the massive jar of Nutella being sold in the shop. It would have been about 4 litres in volume and was on sale for €26. Wow!
When we went to check out we got a big shock. First, no card facility – so poor Matt had to go and find a teller somewhere nearby (with the caravan already attached). Second, they hit us up for a massive €47 to stay on a 2-bit site at this pitiful excuse of a caravan park. We didn’t even have power for that money – unbelievable! After feeling quite well ripped off and very relieved we decided to stay only one night, we headed off for Pisa…
…Italy seems to be the land of mountains, tunnels and tolls. The toll roads between Comporosso and Pisa cost us a whopping €47. The tolls are very expensive here and in France. We are not worried though, as it saved us 4 hours of driving (well and truly worth it). We found a fabulous caravan park at Pisa called ‘Internazionale’. Once we had set up camp we took the boys for a swim at the beach across the road from the camping park. Matt made us a great dinner of tomato pasta while we were gone.
After dinner we drove into the centre of Pisa to see the Leaning Tower by night. Awesome!!! We bought a glowing Leaning Tower from one of the many hawkers that lined the streets (it matches our one of the Eiffel Tower that we bought on our last trip)…lovely! We did the tourist thing and took a few goofy shots of us ‘holding up’ the tower…lol. Under the low yellow night lights the tower looked amazing, but even more amazing was the Cathedral that stands next to it. WOW! WOW! WOW!


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