Farming Let Down

Not all excursion work out the way you hope!  Today we visited Manor Farm.  This is a working farm that Kerry has visited with her school students and we had always planned on visiting.  As a working farm, we figured it might be nice to visit in Spring to see the spring born animals!  Unfortunately that was not to happen today :-(

Upon arrival, and getting the boys very excited, we notice the carpark almost totally vacant.  There was only one other car.  As we got out of the car a lovely lady came over and told us the sad news...  'the park is only opened on Sundays from November to March.'  Darn it!  Today is Saturday!!

Not to totally lose an outing, we had a quick look around and found a walking path that went around the outside of the farm buildings.  This path took us past old buildings with thatched roofs, a duck pond and a grand, old church.  Storm particularly loved playing with the ducks and other dogs along the path.

Having seen as much as we could around the buildings, we ventured a little further, following a path that many others appeared to be travelling.  This was a little messier than expected, but the sites were amazing.  The mud filled path took us to a lake or river, where boats sailed and rowers, well, rowed!  Although some might not think it was that spectacular, we couldn't help but that a huge number of photos at the water's edge and in the nearby forest.  Even Darian got excited when he saw a great shot and exclaimed "Look Mum, here is a great macro shot!"

Although we didn't see what we came to see, we did have a great deal of fun.  But rest assure, we will be back Manor Farm.  We will see the baby animals!



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