We've Arrived

Wow! What a tiring plane trip. Boys did really well with travel, but Matt and Kerry have very sore legs after being confined to a small space for so long - thank goodness Kerry had those pressure stockings handy!

Portsmouth is AMAZING!!!

The drive from Heathrow was, as Zane put it, 'like something from a dream'. It's winter here soo all the deciduous trees are gracefully bare, while everything else is so green. Evergreen pines line the edges of most of the roads heading to Portsmouth... well, what we saw of them anyway. Zane, Darian and Kerry all fell asleep in the taxi and stayed that way for half of the trip to Portsmouth. Kerry woke up just as we drove into Portsmouth - and hurriedly woke the boys (not an easy task - as they didn't sleep much in the plane) so they wouldn't miss seeing all the ships in the harbour as we went past - WOW! We drove past so many old ships - things to see later. Can't wait to start photographing it all!!!

We are staying at a B&B on Victoria Road South, Southsea, Portsmouth. Darian is now sleeping while Matt and Zane have stepped out of the Guest House for a walk to the Post Office to retrieve Matt's new phone and school pack (which just missed us this morning). Going to try to get a hire car this afternoon.....

...No hope of getting a hire car. Darian has refused to wake from his slumber and it is now past 2pm ... not going to happen today. We have decided to lay down for a much earned rest..... sweet dreams!


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