08-02-09 'Waterlooville'

On Sunday we headed off to Waterlooville to work out which school was closer for the boys and to work out a walking route to get them to school each day. It was a beautiful day. The house is a lovely walk of about 20 minutes to the school which is great. Will only be about 5 minutes by push bike so we will be buying some bikes very soon. Hoping the boys can start school on Wednesday next week as that’s the day we get the keys for the house and it would make moving and shopping much easier if they are school....here’s hoping! We walked around the area near the house for about 2 hours because it was just so lovely and easy to roam. We heard birds and saw our first squirrels so this was very exciting. The little squirrels just looked at us for a moment, seeming very curious, and then quickly scurried up the trees when we came a little too close....so cute! Everywhere we walked there were bulb plants coming up among the glorious green grass...can’t wait to see whether they’re tulips, daffodils, jonquils or what. Can’t believe that they just grow wild like that....WOW!
After that we went for a lovely walk in Bere Forest which is also close to our new home. It was quite cold as we meandered along the path but it was so beautiful that we soon forgot about it. It looked like something out of a fairy story...misty trees, holly, ivy hanging from droopy trees, small streams running through parts.....so mystical! Waterlooville is so beautiful. Could very much get used to this.


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