14-02-2009 ‘Fishbourne Roman Palace’ & ‘Chichester Cathedral’

Zane here. Today we went to the Roman Palace (what was left of it) in Fishbourne. I could see the Palace walls and pillars coming up around me... it was awesome!!! There were mosaics all everywhere. We walked around outside where there once were beautiful gardens which have been replicated. We also walked on ground that was once part of great buildings. Once inside we walked around on boardwalks overlooking all the mosaic flooring. There was a burial place with a skeleton still in it that was found when they escavated. We looked in the library. There was loads of cool stuff. My favourite things in the library were the carved gems.
At Chichester Cathedral we saw lots inside the church. We saw what we think was King Henry’s crypt with a sword engraving on top and his name, in latin, on the outside. His latin name was Henry Kino. There was a replica of a knight and his wife buried holding hands. He had a lion at his head and at his feet. All the old Bishops are buried in crypts in the cathedral. There were stained glass windows of Jesus. There was also a sanctuary dedicated to St Mary Magdeline and another dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus. We found dates going back to the 1300’s on the many crypts. The cathedral has a huge pipe organ that was absolutely beautiful. We had a great day and learnt lots about the history of the cathedral & Rome’s influence on England at Fishbourne. Cheers!


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