15-02-09 'Porchester Castle'

Wow! History is amazing! We just visited Porchester Castle in Portsmouth. It was built in the early 1100's, though the original fort was built by the romans in around 270BC...amazing! It has housed many people, including Edward II, Henry III, Henry VIII with his then wife Anne Bolin. It has been a battlement, a prison, a hospital, a friary & who knows what else. The feeling walking throughout the castle was eerie to say the least. Can't begin to describe how it feels to walk over ground trod by so many significant people from times gone by. Makes you feel kind of insignificant in comparison. We climbed right up to the top (by various stair cases & finally a narrow spiral stone stair case). Could see so far...right across the water toward France.

The Neopolitan wars were fought from the castle along with the 200 year old war against France, which France won the first time. The castle was supposed to be burned to the ground after this but, obviously, this didn't happen and so history writes itself.

We are off the London tomorrow to see the changing of the guards & who know what else. Will keep you all posted. Kerry.


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