17-02-09 'London'

What a day! Beyond words of any description! Today we headed off from home to visit London for the day. We learnt straight up that lots of research (again) is needed before setting off. The train from near home to London would have cost Matt & I £28 each & the boys £14 – little too much for a days outing. Finding this out, after paying £4.50 for parking, we headed off by car to find our way to a Railway station closer to London. All good from here on in. We not only saved time by going by car, we found a station only 4 stops from central London, & then spent only £12 total (all 4 of us) on tickets that allowed us travel on trains, buses, ferries all day....much cheaper!
London was like something out of a movie. First we headed for the London Eye for a peak at this man made wonder. It was so big! Each carriage holds around 30 people & it stands so high that you feel very tiny indeed. It’s located on the Southbank alongside the River Thames. All along the promenade were street characters to amuse all. We strolled along the promenade, out onto the main street which was littered with hotdog stands, warm nuts for sale & even an icecream van & headed over the bridge leading up to Big Ben & Westminster.
Westminster was so beautiful. Gates surround it with warnings about entering & armed guards stand at each entrance. Just across the road is the Westminster Abbey which is such a regal sight to see. Matt & I had trouble talking about how we were feeling while standing up looking at this wonder. We both agreed that words just didn’t cut it....to be not only standing in front of all these things, but to know that we were living not that far away....that we ‘technically’ aren’t just tourists who have to fit in as much as possible before time runs out (we can go back again & again)....unreal!
After that we headed over to Buckingham Palace in a red double decker bus (just like Bertie). This was just unbelievable. We will post photos as soon as we have faster internet. The guards aren’t as intimidating as I’d imagined (no big hats either) but all the statues & waterfalls outside the gates were carved from pure marble & everything looked so ‘perfect’. We looked behind us & could see the London Eye & Big Ben from where we stood. Then we ended up at ‘Trafalgar Square’....we went to so many places on the ‘monopoly board’...The Strand, Trafalgar Square, Fleet Street, Regents Street, Coventry...& probably more. Also got to go to Hamley’s Toy Store (so many stories high). Lots of gimmicks there.
Will have to go back again soon to see St Pauls Cathedral, London Bridge or Tower Bridge as we missed those this time.
We hopped on another double decker bus & headed back to the train station via West End & saw a multitude of shows advertised along the way...it looked like something from a movie. We can’t wait to experience our own West End Production....all in time though.


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