19-02-09 'Stormy Girl Arrives'

Today we took a long drive in to London Heathrow Airport to meet Storm. She arrived at 5.10 this morning & had to go through more tests before she could be cleared into our care. We arrived around 9.30 & thought we would try our luck to see if she was ready yet (the whole process can take up to 5 hours)....& she was ready to go! We were all so excited as we waited to see how she would be.

She was so timid at first...as if she didn't recognise us. The lady from Animal Control was so lovely & told her reassuringly 'it's ok girl, Mummy & Daddy are here to take you home now'....they really love their dogs here...it's awesome! Once she had a smell of Matt she livened up a bit. She seemed a little groggy from the trip (probably all the sedatives). Matt carried her out to the car & put her in the back close to the boys. She looked around, smiled, & nestled close to them on her blanket which the transit company gave her for the trip.

About half way home she started panting & smiling as she woke up fully. She was so alert that we took her for a quick walk at one of the QE11 reserve parks. She seemed so happy to be with us at last. She got to see lots of other dogs on our wander around & didn't seem at all bothered by them. After that she happilly jumped back in the car as we headed for home. Think she will be a very good traveller here.

We spent a very easy day at home helping her settle in before taking her for a walk with us to the local store (only 10 minutes walk away) for some milk. She is currently curled up in her new bed next to our makeshift bed, looking at me as I type...I think she knows I'm talking about her...lol. Goodnight our little girl. Sleep tight tonight...I know we will, knowing that she's finally here!


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