22-02-09 '100 Acres - Part II'

On Sunday we headed off to 'Hundred Acres' again to have a good look at the 'Forest of Bere' (called it Bere Forest incorrectly before...learning slowly). On arrival we headed down what looked like a walking track to discover that it was a big clearing area for tree farming....big mess, lots of mud & a little disapointing. On this path we noticed people walking a fair distance from where we had set off & so went back to the beginning to find their track.
Very easy to find (had we looked properly) was a huge walking track....& WOW! What a Place. It was everything we had imagined & much much more! Fir trees everywhere with a dense ground cover of dead leaves fallen over Autumn & Winter (they crunched underfoot), ivy growing around trees, holly growing everywhere...& rope swings tied in all sorts of places. It took us around 2 hours to go on our 'short stoll' & we really didn't want to hurry back. It looked like a big playground for faires, sprites & whatever other mystical beings you might find in a magical forest.
When the sun shone through the canopy of trees it left the most magical colouring all around. Truly an inspirational place for dreamers! Even Storm seemed quite relaxed as she wandered around with us (mostly off lead) & sniffed her surroundings, never more than a few feet away from us. Enjoyed by All!


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