History Surrounds Us

What a day!! We spent the day looking at a number of historical sites that were no more than 15 minutes from where we live. The first was a place called "Fishbourne Roman Palace" where, in 1965, a farmer was digging up his fields and uncovered and archeologists dream. Almost an entire outline of a 2nd - 3rd century (200AD) Roman Palace. This place houses the largest and most perfect piece of history you can image. While walking through the grounds you can't help but feel so small against the ravages of time!! Both boys were also amazed, Zane taking many photographs and Darian capturing it all on video!! They soooo love history.

After spending 3 hours at Fishbourne, we spent 2 hours at the Chichester Cathedral which dates back to around 1000AD, when the first area was consecrated by the then Bishop. Although we were there to look at the Cathedral, Darian enjoyed searching for hidden wooden mice, created by a sculptor many years ago. All of us were lost for words and breathe while walking through the cathedral. The most precious part was the 5 minute prayer that takes part every hour. You can't imagine the feeling that 1000 years of prayer built up around you can feel like!!

That's it for now - but tomorrow is another adventure!! (School holidays)


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