Day #10 - Go Wild!

More relaxation with Kerstin, Stefan and Kjell today! After a much needed sleep in a real bed we enjoyed a nice slow start to the morning with breakfast. The boys then went off to play with the local children (who they met yesterday while were enjoying the back garden). After the boys had a play we headed out with the Barthel's for a the Knull Wildlife Park, a wildlife park not too far from their home. We got to see two real bears (really glad we didn't stop to see the ones locked up in Switzerland now)... in a nice large enclosure which they share with a pair of wolves. We had a lovely time walking around the deers as they enjoyed being hand fed, then checked out all the other regular wildlife park animals before heading off again.

Later on Kerstin took us to a nearby town, called Melsungen, which has been protected by one of the historical groups. Every single building in this town is built in the old style (lines criss crossed over an old chalet) and none are allowed to be built even now without this same styling. It was quite a sight to see. We even saw an old organ grinder being played in the middle of the street. The very beautiful townhall is built in 1556. The boys enjoyed a Germany Icecream while Kerry had a piece of long-awaited Schwartzwalderkirchtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake) which packed quite a punch when you got to the alcohol soaked cherries....ooooch. Very nice!

The afternoon was completed by a trip (on foot) to Stefan's parent's house. They live in the same small town as Kerstin, Stefan and Kjell, so we enjoyed a lovely walk around the town as we headed over for a lovely afternoon tea. After coffee and cake we sat outside and enjoyed the favourite German drink - beer! The views from here were amazing! The house backs on to a huge open field and the large back garden was shrouded in cherry and apple trees in full bloom...quite a sight to see and very difficult to leave. It looked like a scene from Anne of Green serene!


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