Day #11 - more fun with the Barthel family!

Off to the city of Kassel today! More and more history seems to find us each day. Kassel, home to story writers The Brothers Grimm, was very severely bombed back in WWII and had many of it's historical buildings destroyed. Consequently, today it consists of only a few of those very old buildings, surrounded by newer (less historic) buildings that were constructed after the war. Some say Kassel is boring but this is definately not true. Where else can you go to find a massive statue of the hunky Greek God 'Hercules' the words of Disney...'honey, you mean huncules'

We parked the cars in a very misty car park and wondered if the heavy mist that was shrouding then entire area would ever rise enough for us to see anything worthwhile. After a rather large walk through a beautiful parkland we discovered a massive old castle perched on a hill. The mist (that had been slowly rising through the beautiful green canopy of trees above us) finally disapeared to show us the remnants of what looked like a true fairy tale castle in it's days. Now it is slowly falling apart as time does its work on what is left.

After another enjoyable walk back to the car, past lakes, huge trees and beautiful green lawns we got in the cars and headed up the mountain in search for Hercules. This monument to the Greek God Hercules is massive (and like so many things we have seen on our tour is under repairs at the moment). Below it is a massive construction that turns into a waterfall during celebration times. Hercules literally towers above you as you can only stare in wonder at this monument that, in many ways, leaves the statue of David back home in Australia, looking rather petite...mmm

Once back at Kerstins it was time for Kerry to make Pavlova for dessert, while the boys went off to play with Marc, Nuddi and the other friends they have been making in the local area.

Another great day!


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