Day #14 - Rain, rain, go away....or NOT...ahhhh, R&R day!

Very seriously...there is nothing to do in Calais! Despite the fact that many travellers stop here on there way between France and England there is not much to see, besides the flowers growing in the gardens. Yes, it's on the coast, but even that is very quiet and not very exciting. We decided to do what the travel books suggest to do when in! Very disappointing indeed. The 'great' shopping complex we found wasn't even full to it's capacity with shops and what they did have was less than exciting.

So, after searching the streets for something to do, and finding nothing, we decided that relaxing in the tent was just the thing to help us unwind before we head back to school and work next week. Then it started raining...and raining...and raining. Luckily, the tent just managed to hold out in the wind and wet. We got a little bit of water inside but nothing to really worry about. So, we spent a very relaxing day watching movies on the laptop from inside the glad we paid for a powered site...phew!!! It was actually a really good day of vedging out and we all really needed it after all the globe trotting we've done over the last two weeks.

We ventured out, only briefly, to find some French Fries from a kiosk along the beach. Quite an amazing serving too...very nice. Enjoyed by all! Finally, we settled back down in the tent for some multi-player games of Skip bo and Uno on our Nintendo DS's...very relaxing. We all snuggled in really tight all night as we slept so we would be warm. So grateful that single sleeping bags can be joined to make doubles. Zane and Darian shared body heat in theirs and Matt and Kerry did the same...very cosy indeed! Stormy was very warm at the end of the air beds in her fur-lined doggy basket and Kerry's fur-lined coat over her for warmth. A great nights sleep (once you blocked out the constant sound of the ferries coming into the port that was right next to the camp site - man, those ferries are noisy).

Tomorrow....back to England...ahhhh!


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