Day #3 - Paris - 'Happy Birthday Darian'

What a way to spend your 9th birthday! We started with croisonts for breakfast underneath the Eiffel Tower...chocolate filled croisonts at that. Then we waited for the best part of 2 hours in line to get tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower. Matt opted out and stayed with Storm (as she wasn't allowed, of course) so Zane, Darian and Kerry took the great adventure up to the second level (the third was closed). What a view! Wow! We could see absolutely all of Paris (except for the Eiffel tower which Kerry looked for...oops) - seemed very 'unreal' to be standing on this monument (easy to foget where you are).
Some of the Eyes of Nottre Dame...ooohThe ever-beautiful Eiffel TowerThe boys pose for a photo inside Nottre Dame
Afterwards we walked through the park admiring all of the tulips which grow in abundance at this time of year in Europe. Then on to Nottre Dame by day. We stopped on the way to the Cathedral to buy the boys the biggest hot dogs I have ever seen. Clearly not 'petit' but neither was the price at 5 euros each...ouch!
We stopped to let the boys and enjoy them while Matt and Kerry had a kiss in front of a fountain...true Paris Style...ahh. Then we headed into the Cathedral for a close up. By day it wasn't quite as eerie but it was truly amazing. Very spiritual and absolutely earth moving.
After that we headed out of Paris towards Strasbourg via the Bastille Monument. We stopped just outside Nancy (France) and slept in a truck stop again...this time smart enough to recline the chairs (airplane style) and be a lot more comfy...a good nights sleep!


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