Day #8 - Munich, Germany

This morning we woke up feeling well refreshed after a good nights sleep. After a great breakfast of wurst, cereal and juice with toast we headed off the find the nearby tyre shop. This was certainly an experience and a half. Trying to order tyres in a language that Kerry once understood very well and is now quite rusty with was kind of like pulling teeth...thankfully the attendant spoke 'some english' as they like to say here (which translates to pretty good english in our books) so we were able to work out the details...whew! So, we left the car with the tyre shop and headed off to the underground railway station only 3 blocks walk away.

We took the train only 5 stops into the centre of Munich. We were getting quite anxious as we knew the one and only daytime showing of the Glockenspiel at 12 noon was coming up (we had now checked our little book for details). As it turns out, the train stop was directly underneath the Marienplatz (where the glock is located) so we quickly ran up the stairs leading up to the square and had 5 minutes to spare before the show....timing! As it turns out the show was running a little late anyway. We stood there anticipating the show, wondering if we had actually missed our one and only chance to see it it action - and then wondering if it still actually works at all. We weren't to be dissapointed. Five minutes after 12 it started to play music and then after about 5 minutes more the glockespiel started to turn, the figures all moving about, telling an ancient story of the people of Munich, back in the time when they had a King & Queen. At the very end, just when you thought it was over, the cuckoo bird sticks his head out of his position and sings his very famous 'cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo'....ahhh, still working after all these years. Amazing!

Kerry, Zane and Darian ventured up to the top of the Glockenspiel building to have a look out at Munich from above. Matt and Storm stayed on the square below...Storm got lots of pats as they both waited for them to return. The view from the platform was amazing. Darian had fun finding the buildings that corresponded to the etched silhouettes all around the inside of the platform. We found the museum, many churches, a gymnasium...and pretty much all of Munich.

After this we headed to the huge bookstore located at Marienplatz so Kerry could finally get a Langensheidtz language book (so we wouldn't feel quite so silly). Then we wandered the streets of Munich. We found a great icecream (Eis) shop selling icecreams for only €1 each so we all enjoyed one of these before heading back to collect the car.

Once we had the car again we headed to the Munich Museum. It was only half an hour to closing time so the boys only got to see about a third of the museum....but they thoroughly enjoyed it...especially the war time planes. We just about had to pry them away before they drooled all over them. Definately like their 'boy toys'....if it flies, sails or drives...they're in - especially if they make a loud noise while doing After drooling it was time to head back to camp for the night. We enjoyed our second night in Munich with a nice camp dinner. Then, when the boys were asleep, Matt & Kerry unwound with a beer, pretzels and Kabana...what a way to end the day!


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