Day #9 - off to visit with Kerstin, Stefan & Kjell

After another good nights sleep on airbeds in the tent in Munich we woke refreshed and ready for the next leg of our journey...has it really been 9 days already? Wow! We fixed ourselves a nice breakfast of toast, cereal and juice before packing up the tent while the boys went and had one last play with the other kids at the caravan park.

After a few hours of lovely scenery we finally arrived in Guxhagen, home of Kerstin, Stefan & Kjell. Overall , a pretty low key day. Once we arrived, feeling very excited about seeing our friends again, we sat in the garden enjoying a beer and nibblies with country views in one direction and the village in the other....could easily spend days doing this! For dinner we had a BBQ outside....bratwurst and kebabs with salad...yum! Tomorrow night is Schnitzel (Kerry's favourite German food). Once the boys were settled in bed for the night we relaxed inside with some more beer, then schnapps, then beer, then schnapps....mmm, while we looked over Kerstin's and Stefan's wonderful photos of their trips to Canada...definately on the bucket list!

Gutten Nacht (Good Night) xo


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