Hadrian's Wall

Today we meandered around the very historic Hadrian's Wall as we made our way back into Northern England. We stopped at several scenic locations during the day and even had time to take in a Priory...an amazing old church from back in the 1200's. Most of the church was destroyed, like so many others, during King Henry VIII's time of destroying the Catholic Churches in Britain, but most of this priory remains in tact today, restored to it's former glory (mostly) just over 200 years ago...WOW! 200 years now really doesn't seem very long when you consider the age of most of the historical things we have seen here.

After admiring the Priory for some time we stopped to enjoy our sandwiches for lunch before stopping at a tea house for a coffee/hot chocolate break. We then headed back to the car and followed the wall right across the cost (on the Southern side) until we reached Durham where we will now spend the night before rising early tomorrow to head back to Waterlooville....what a week!


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