Southsea Castle, Portsmouth

More history of the Maritime and Castle variety today. We set off to Southsea Castle in Portsmouth.

After the boys finished rolling down the lush green hills that we saw on our first visit to Southsea Castle (back before it was open for the season) we walked the walls of this ancient castle, dating back to the days of King Hentry VIII. Once inside we stopped at a display being held by local archiologists. We got to see relics recovered from the many ships that line the walls of Port Solent in Porstmouth. The boys even got to do a facial reconstruction with clay and plastic skulls while one archiologist told us of the thousands of wrecks that line the order of their era from bottom to top. We then listened to a story teller as he dramatically told the story about a ghostly Monk (not a true tale).

Next we ventured into the tunnels that helped soldiers protect the castle from invasion, before climbing the spiral staircase to the keep, from where it is believed that King Henry VIII stood on July 19 1545 as he watched his beloved Mary Rose sink to the bottom of the Solent just a year after Southsea Castle was built.


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