"Brighton" ... an educational experience ...???

Today we decided to head along the coast line a little to Brighton and Hove. A lovely sea-side place, Brighton is known as one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in Europe. It is nesteld between the South Downs & the sea on the stunning south coast of England.

The weather could not have been more perfect .... the sun shone brightly and it was quite warm all day. We walked along the lovely pebble beach and headed for the famous Brighton Pier: a Victorian pier with loads of food and drink outlets, fairground attractions and a massive Fun arcade. The boys even enjoyed a few rides while we were at the pier. They chased each other around on the Dodgen Cars, Slid down a super Lighthouse Slide and went for a ride through a Haunted House (after Darian's insistance ... ironically, he was scared out of his mind and claims he hated it ...lol).

After a lovely picnic on the pebble beach underneath the pier we decided to head towards the centre of Brighton for a look at the other attractions. We made it as far as a lovely park and were just finishing watching the seaguls enjoying a bath in the water fountain when we heard music, which appeared to be getting closer minute by minute.... we were about to find out what a 'colourful' city Brighton is. As we turned around to investigate the noise (assuming there was some kind of procession heading our way) we were greeted with the sight of a massive procession of cyclists .... COMPLETELY NAKED!!! This was not what we had expected to see in Brighton. To make things even more uncomfortable... they headed to the park and stopped there. Apparently they were park of an 'organised' protest (under police chaperone) ... we think the protest was about not driving cars.... but we didn't stick around for too long so never got to find out for sure...mmmm.

After our new 'education' we headed back to the beach to grab an icecream before heading back to the car and home again. A very interesting day indeed:-)


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